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Upgrading lifeguard of open water and sea

Candidates upgrade course "Water savior of open water and sea" must have successfully completed the course "lifeguard swimming pools and water parks," and the date of completion within one year are included in the upgrade rate. They must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be at least 17 ​​years old.
  2. Submit an application to the Director of the Secretariat of Obls BRC for inclusion in the course. For persons under 18 and unmarried require the written consent of parents or guardians, according to Art. 4, para. 2 of the Law on Persons and Family and Art. 12, para. 3 of the Family Code.
  3. Pass the entrance examination requirements.
  4. To submit an individual "Accident" insurance for the duration of the course.
  5. Submit a medical certificate attesting to physical fitness activities with swimming and diving.

Entrance exam

  1. 100 m freestyle / breast / - for 1.50min.
  2. 25 m breaststroke - / free time /.

Within 36 hours (twelve hours of theory and twenty-four hours practice), students learn the size of water accidents in the country and the world, where the SJC in BRC Hazards in open water seas and oceans, organization of work of the emergency services , stations and posts, maritime training, medical training, techniques and tactics to save. Upon completion of the training is conducted exam. Along receive papers on the norms of competence which is recognized almost worldwide.

Entrance exams are coming up with medical - model work, but finding a job as a lifeguard. For the duration of the course is made compulsory insurance - single - accident.

Exam qualification ' lifeguard of open water and sea ":

  1. Exam - Test - 30 questions ( 10 of them medical training )
  3. 100m. freestyle / breast / time 1.40 min ;
  4. Individual extraction from 25 meters .. / 25 m + 25 m free style extraction with " Sailor " transport grip / time 1.10 min 1.00 min about 20m. pool ;
  5. Swimming 100m. with fins for time 1.20 min
  6. liberation , transport and transmission holds ;
  7. Demonstratsiyai use of life saving and tactical simulated incident ;
  8. Swimming 25m. submerged by subtracting the object placed on the bottom of the 20th meter . ( deep to 2.50 )
  9. Rammer with wrists above water 1.30 min
  10. way to enter the water / boot /;
  11. Collective retrieval rope ;
  12. knot
  13. Rescue craft / Verify protocol /
  14. 400m. Running under 1.30min / Verify protocol /
  15. 400m. Swimming without equipment under 8min . / Verify protocol /
  16. Demonstration of rendering first aid . Restore breathing and heartbeat . Laterally stable position .

Supplementary examination is conducted with students who passed the practical test failed , with students who have received an average / 3 / of the theoretical test or not students who take the final examination for valid reasons . Retake the exam is held in the final examinations of courses lifeguards for the same degree without restriction on where they organized. Allows retake exam within one year of completion of the course . This is certified by the examination protocols of the final exams.

Attending lectures and seminars is mandatory. Three absences from lectures and classes are excluded from the group and not allowed to take the exam.

Course fee - 150.00 lv.