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Course for Senior lifeguard

Classes are held in the base of the Bulgarian Red Cross Sozopol. The course duration is five days. During this time, students recall, has more material and organizational methods. There are practical and theoretical exercises.

Exam qualification 'Senior Savior ":

Written exam - 30 questions test

Solving situational, organizational and tactical tasks.

An applicant for a degree "Senior savior" must:

  1. Have successfully completed the courses for "lifeguard swimming pools and water parks" and "lifeguard of open water and sea."
  2. Worked in at least 10 months for the last 5 years prior to the course as a "lifeguard of open water and sea," or 20 months as a "lifeguard swimming pools and water parks."
  3. Submit a medical certificate attesting to physical fitness activities with swimming and diving.
  4. To submit a recommendation from employer.
  5. To submit a recommendation from c. BRC Council of residence.
  6. Have completed secondary education.
  7. To submit an individual "Accident" insurance for the duration of the course.