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Information website "WWW.VSSKURSOVE.COM", made by company "FIL TRADING" Ltd.. Varna as a contractor for the project was created by Philip Silov, a former longtime worker as a lifeguard, currently a computer specialist and volunteer team at work disasters, accidents and katostrofi to the Bulgarian Red Cross in the city. Web site is made completely voluntary and unpaid to help the department water rescue BRC Varna.

Web site offers:

  1. You can find the location, working hours and contact phone of the Department of Water rescue BRC - c. Varna, as well as a contact form to ask your questions.
  2. You can find the contact form to record in a given type of course in water rescue, which saves you going to perform the same place at the main experts in water rescue BRC city. Varna.

Contact details:


Maintaining and updating information website "WWW.VSSKURSOVE.COM", is performed entirely borne by the developer of the project.

Web site aims to:

  1. Inform existing ones lifeguards of annual fees for certification of the counterfoil or loss of qualifications as a lifeguard, the fee for its reissuance. Lifeguards also can find complete information about what revalidation for certification of personal documents and a detailed description of procedures and techniques in first aid and resuscitation.
  2. Introduce potential candidate students WLS in a type of course fully aware of what is included in the given training in Water Life Saving, its duration and venue of theoretical and practical part. They can find a brief gallery of photos and videos of demonstrations on Water Life Saving in order to familiarize students with the profession candidate lifeguard and its duties and responsibilities.
  3. Give information to students enrolled in a course type WLS as this website offers direct links to syllabus water saving programs and classes for each course taking place in Water Life Saving BRC city. Varna.